Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Disliked Champion

Judo World Championship commentators 
The time showed 1:29:00 in the World Champoinship Day 1 video posted by the International Judo Federation (IJF)  on Youtube.com  ( watch here ) when one of the commentators called Ganbat's action "ridiculous." They were referring to Ganbat's attack and his glance  at the referee afterwards. And this glance was a "ridiculous" action in th eyes of those commentators who were not so excited at all that a Mongolian wrestler won the final. Apparently they preferred others (the Russian who won Silver or the Georgian who won Bronze, or maybe the Japanese who shared the third place) to win the gold, but not the Mongol. The more I listen to what they say during the fights involving  Ganbat, the more I got the feeling that they have a strong antipathy or a big disfavor towards the Mongolian wrestler. I think any sport commentators should not be biased or take one particular side, especially if we are talking about big international events like world competitions, but  these commentators did just the opposite. They "represent" the IJF as you will,  but they forgot to stay "neutral" and be "fair" to everyone whatever country  she/he is from. They are not some fans who cheer for their favorite competitors.

As you can see in that video, Ganbat had brought down his opponent on his back, a move he hoped was worth a point  and checked it by throwing a quick look at the referee. What wrestler don't do it? Why was it "ridiculous"? There wasn't anything "ridiculous", it was the reaction of those commentators which I'd  call really ridiculous. In that  whole fight it was obvious that Ganbat was the one who attacked  all the time trying to score, but  he couldn't. That is totally  normal  when top wrestlers compete against each other in big events like this Championship or Olympics. It happens often that the fight is decided by penalty scores. And the one who  was more active, wins, and that was the case here. The commentators know it very well, but then  why they "complained" about the "not impressive" wins by Ganbat, you think? Again, the explanation is simple: They didn't like the new Champion from Mongolia. They say, Ganbat was the spoiler and it wasn't best of finals. What did they  expect? You have two evenly strong  wrestlers and expect a fight like a teacher demonstrates some show to his pupil? Be real! Besides, this is judo and not a freestyle wrestling! During the ceremonies they were laughing about "just one smile" shown on Ganbat's face , apparently referring to his "lack of emotion". They again belittled Ganbat for showing "not attractive" judo and talking some bullshit meaning that all that mattered for him was the win of gold medal and not how to win. I wouldn't necessarily call them racist; they just don't like to see a Mongol on the very top. They just don't. Why? You have to ask them.

World champion Ganbat B. (Mongolia)
These guys even went so far that they call the two Mongolian wrestlers in this category as "dark horses." And one of those "dark horses" stepped  up and won gold, they say. Are you kidding me? Ganbat, a 3rd ranked wrestler of the world, is a "dark horse"? And his opponent in that final was the Russian Mudranov who was seated 4th in the world rank. But it seems like,  as number 3-seat, Ganbat was still a "surprise"  for them. In the end, all top seated 4 wrestlers were on the podium. So there was no surprise at  all! Just the color of the medals changed their owners, and that happens. Hope that these commentators didn't think that number one-seat should win the gold, and number two the silver etc. No, no, they didn't. They just didn't like the persona of the gold medal. The reason? Again, email them and ask.

By the way, that kind of behavior and attitude towards sportsmen from "little" countries, shown by the commentators like these two guys and especially referees who decide the fate of the competition, do  still exist, and one can witness it often. If sport should serve the friendship and peace between the people of the world, that kind of nonsense should not be tolerated. Unfortunately it seems to continue.

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