Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mongolian woman freed from abusive Nigerian man

A Mongolian woman, S.Enkhmaa, mother of  four, stranded in Nigeria was rescued by the Synagogue Church Of All Nation (SCOAN) so that she and her two children can go back to Mongolia.  Her name is Enkhmaa. She has two children from her first  marriage and two from  the man she met while she was in China, a businessman named  Christopher Anakuba, a Nigerian citizen. According to Enkhmaa, he beat her a lot, even when she was 7 month pregnant or after birth,  and  kept her locked  in his house without food or with little food. When they met he was nice and lovely, but after  they arrived in Nigeria, his behavior changed and he  started treating her like his slave. As  Enkhmaa says, such assholes are everywhere in the world  including Mongolia as well, and she was just not lucky by choosing  one of those.

Christopher Anakuba
I am very thankful to  SCOAN for helping Enkhmaa and her two children  with the accommodation, food and obtaining the necessary documents  for  coming back home to Mongolia. That was a humane thing to do and SCOAN gets credit for that. I was also amazed how SCOAN people managed to do everything to save Nigeria's reputation by persuading Enkhmaa to forgive the father of her two children, Mr."Businessman", and  to allow him to visit his children in Mongolia anytime he wants. In return Enkhmaa gets all the help she and her children needed. But no word about being sorry or apology from that abusive man who, as it seems to me, does not care anyway what happens  to his two children and their mother.

He seems to respect the God and came to the church after he got invited, but has no respect for  his children and the woman who gave birth to them. He has no love for his children. Why would he go to Mongolia to see his children when he doesn't care? If he loved his children, forget about their mother, he would have had tried to keep them with him and let  their mother go alone. But he let all of them go because he does not need them. His belief about treating woman and children differs from the one God  follows. I bet he has many children with many women in his own country.

Njideka, oldest daughter
Nevertheless, Nigeria's image is hurt anyway by this evil man named Anakuba despite SCOAN's effort and Enkhmaa's  assurance that "Mr.Businessman"  does not represent Nigeria as a whole. It is true but we all know how one single incident, one single human being can damage the whole picture,  or his  or her  nation's name.

Ifunnaya, younger daughter
By the way, I didn't understand why the crowd in the church was laughing when Enkhmaa presented her children by their names. I think Enhkhmaa gave  them  Nigerian names, but what was so funny about?  I couldn't understand. (watch the scene beginning at 17:52 min in the video below). One can easily see that these two girls are of "mixed race"- a product of yellow mother and black father. The priest "discovers"  that those girls are Nigerian descends  because of their Abia names and the abusive man was their father, but he called the man as Enkhmaa's husband which is not true because she said that they were not married.  The church-goers were for some reason really entertaining in that scene.

Anyway, thanks again the SCOAN and its priest and anyone who helped those poor three creatures with donations  or otherwise. I am sure that  "Mr.Businessman"  will never put his feet on Mongolia's soil for the reason I mentioned above, and I don't know what his two girls would think about  their negligent and abusive father who just abandoned them as if they meant  nothing to him, when they grow up. Lastly, just wanna wish them a good life and happiness!

p.s. Watch the video.


  1. Stay away from all Missions They are undercover armies of enslavery ..Don't let them enter to Mongolia ..You see what is happening to Middleast ..how was Afhanistan before USA (in 1960)
    USA is Mordor army brings death ,war and religious warfare and don't care Mongols or other non white people ,they would pollute Mongolia ,use Mongols as cheap workers and humiliate your history..

  2. In fairness to Nigerians, what I wish you to know is that the people like CHRISTOPHER ANAKUBA are everywhere, evil is not nation specific, evil is universal, good people like PROPHET TB JOSHUA are also everywhere, this situation only goes as far as demonstrating the fact that we cannot paint a whole group of people with one paint brush, we have to judge people on individual cases. The same thing applies to all nation.

  3. To Webat Large: If you read the article again very carefully, you will understand that it was not my point to "paint" the whole group of people as evil. The story was about an abusive man named Anakuba. The good ones in this story deserve our gratitude. But remember, one such case has always bad consequences and one should curse those bad ones and not defend as shown in the video.

  4. This whole thing is so much set up. What a joke. I can't believe people don't notice that.