Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A fairy-tale about human races and racism

Nothing on Earth remains the same forever.  Nothing! Everything changes when time passes slowly. I hope sincerely that we see some good changes in 2014, including some progress in  regards to a well-known  problem I will mention below. And Happy New Year to you all!
Human beings are praised for their intelligence  and brain, but I say that  we can be called also as the dumbest animal on earth. Why? Because  humans do stupid things animals don't do. Human beings have been fighting each other for  centuries for too many other reasons . I could understand why animals behave so cruel but I don’t  understand how human beings  could be so bad. Sometimes worse than “real” animals!
Think about the millions died in various wars in human history. Considering the  mighty brain which differs a human being from an animal, it is unacceptable that killing each other was always tolerated.  There was always an excuse. Why should we talk about moral if we  are not different than the animals? What is the use of being intelligent?
There is only one choice:  Either we kill each  other and end up destroying our planet, or we accept each other and save our planet, living in peace.  If we choose the first one, we lose all and there is going to be no winner, but the second choice will save us and the planet will  stay safe. The winner is all human communities. So, what is gonna be?
Wars going on not only using  bullets but also  words. A war  armed with word leads to hatred and this  can cause serious consequences in the long run.  Beside the wars where people are killed, a  “silent” war has been going on for  decades. This is called “racism”. Remember that  we  have all the same parents:  Adam and Eva.  :)   But nevertheless we could not stand each other anymore.  Or less and less by pretending as if everything is OK. Unfortunately  it is not.  The main three races - white, yellow and black- are having still problems while living  side by side.  Even in a country famous as the "melting pot" (like USA), there have  been always racism-problems.  Whites hate blacks, blacks hate whites and yellows, and yellows hate back.
Leaving the argument  about how, who and when the Earth was built  or humans developed, to our scientists  and  let us  try to figure out   how it might have happened that we ended up in a situation we have today.  Racism is , as we know, based on skin color.  Just think about how dumb it is!  If we had the "same parents"  how come their children have different  skin colors?
So let’s challenge our imagination. Somewhere , once upon a time, our ancestors have emerged and began to “explore” the world. Some say they “showed up” first in Africa, when others say it was Asia. If we consider the fact that they had nothing to cover their body with, there must have been a very nice  weather  condition available where they were living, an ideal  condition  for our “naked” ancestors to survive.   Africa suits. In the very beginning they all looked the same and so I insist there was no “white”,”black” or “yellow” skin colors or different races back then. Probably they had darker skin color since Africa was their “birthplace”… How am I doing so far?
We all know that our most beloved pet  (dog)  is a product of domestication from the wolf.   Well, look now at our dogs! So different from each other in body size, color and other characteristics. Think about the Chihuahua and the Deutsche Dogge (aka Great Dane). There are now more than 400 different breeds registered officially, worldwide. When dogs are selectively bred for thousand of years, humans went  a different way. They were not “bred” intentionally but became different races  eventually when they adjusted  to the environment and climate they were living in for a long period of time. As a result we have now 3 different races: Caucasian (white), African(black) and Asian (yellow). Fortunately not hundreds of breeds like dogs but only 3 races, yet the most smart “animals”  on Earth (aka human beings)  could not stand each other from the start and still continue doing so until today’s date. Just so dumb and tragic!
White race
I think the main reason is the look and  the skin color. It does really sound stupid, but it’s true. The white race does not like any other color than white and so does  the black  and the yellow.  These two fight back while attacking each other at the same time, too. A racist triangle.
Well, who needs this hatred? Anybody gains from this?   Nobody, I  am afraid.
Let’s continue our  fairy- tale. So, once upon a time, there were some “naked” people running around in Africa and having a collective life . As it gets very populous, many left to find new places to live, and so some “moved” to Europe and others to Asia. Since the Earth was not yet split into continents, it should not have been so difficult to travel  to other  places  of the  globe.  That was the beginning of the birth of those three races who hate each other so much today even though they had the same origin. The European group emerged as “Whites” because they got “lucky” to settle down in a place where they had the best conditions and a nice soft climate. The ideal weather and humidity made their skin so soft and “white”. Under such condition they had also the advantage to develop physically. Not only the humans but also animals they bred were bigger in size or in other measurements compared to the same ones kept in other parts of the world.
Yellow race
The other group headed to Asia ended up being in a place where tough conditions dominated. The extreme weather conditions required adjustments from both the humans and the animals. Their bodies had to endure the difficulties and so physical adaptation had occurred naturally. The rough conditions and dryness did not allow any substances, including the humans, to grow bigger physically. Humans were forced to live a different life, a nomadic-style life. To spot and to recognize their animals dispersed or lost in the vast valleys where the wind blows constantly and sand storm occurs often, one needed to use his eyes as binoculars but at the same time protect them from sand or dirt while observing the surroundings. There is no way for “Yellows” to have “big round eyes” under such circumstances. So, again the condition in their lands and the lifestyle have led to emerge a race who has smaller stature compared to other races and “slit”  eyes. The skin became yellow-brownish due to dry and extreme weather (in summer too hot and in winter too cold). The animals they bred have therefore also  were smaller in size.
Black race
The ones who stayed “home” in Africa were to become the “Black” race. The extreme hot weather condition has been the main obstacle to progress. Even though the heat was a tough situation to endure, it did not affect the birth of a race with a big stature and physical fitness. Due to the constant sun shine and the burning, the skin has became dark and maybe not that soft.
While the heat and the water problems can be counted as decisive hindering factors for development, the fact that there is no winter or cold to be worried about and no need to cover himself with bunch of clothes or to build a heated house , led to a satisfaction with their status quo and influenced the desire for development negatively.
Generally, it is a “human nature” to like the “pretty” ones and dislike the poor “ugly” ones, whereas  real  animals  "prefer" power instead of beauty.   Why the whites don’t like their black and yellow brothers?  Because they  look different.  But that is not their “fault” ,  as I mentioned above in  my “story”.  The  whites got just “lucky” to end up in such a paradise. And  why they  just cannot  be happy and show some   sympathy to  their other  two  ” unfortunate brothers” ?     Let us not forget that we  were once   one family,   and let us be  real  human beings  and have some respect for  each other.
Whoever shows a respect  will  be in return  also  respected. Nobody gains from this nonsense of hating and so, why not just relax and enjoy our short life, having some beer together?   Huh?

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