Sunday, February 9, 2014

First Mongolian "terrorists"

Ts.Munkhbayar, hunting rifle in his hand, talking to a security guard
Now hear this: First Mongolian terrorists are born! One may wonder how come this peaceful country, which not bothered by any wars or conflicts, became  a home to such evil people. We recently have discovered that there were 4 "terrorists" among us, thanks to our honorable judges who "saved" us from a "great harm", recognizing and sending them behind bars for 22 years each. But hell, we were not threatened by those "terrorists" at all! Then, what kind of terrorist we are talking about? 

I"d call them as "green terrorists" if I can  use this term. Not that they used firearms and hand grenades made from recycled metals or papers. No, no. They brought a genuine hunting rifle for killing marmots and an original AK-47 with handful bullets, but unloaded. Besides those weapons, there were a few old Soviet-style hand grenades without any fuse and detonator. All this were used as  a mean to demonstrate  that they were very serious about the problem they addressed.  They wanted to draw attention and be seen and heard. And the weapons should help them to reach this goal , with no intention to cause  any harm to people around or properties nearby.  They gave just one shot from the marmot-rifle, up into the sky, a wake-up signal meant for all our smart lawmakers and citizens. As a  last resort, they planned this "show" , after everything they tried failed. 

So, what happened? Some Mongolian environmental activists under leadership of a man named Munkhbayar Ts., who was awarded with the prestigious Goldman Environmental Prize in 2007 (perceived as Green Noble Prize) , protested a change to the current "Law  to prohibit mineral exploration and mining operations at headwaters of rivers, protected zones of water reservoirs and forested areas"  and showed up outside of the Parliament  building, armed and ready to "terrorize" the smartest people of Mongolia (read: MPs). But they didn't go inside the building to kill people or take them hostage, or anything else  "normal" terrorists would have did.  Unfortunately, their "scare-tactics" turned out "deadly" for them and they have to spend the rest of their lives in prison. So the prison is the place where our "green terrorists" spend their daily life today.  

A three-judge-panel delivered the sentence- a decision  most Mongolians think was too harsh. All the Munkhbayar-team did was nothing different than throwing raw eggs on our dear MPs or Prime minister, 'cause nobody was hurt, no glass shattered during their "show". At most, they may be charged with illegal possession of firearms and carrying them publicly, especially near the Parliament's building where all our elected "Wunderkinder" work hard and restless. 

This case proves again that our legislation (laws) need to be "remodeled" (more detailed and precise) and that we need to have our judges trained and educated so that they can interpret and use the law correctly.  
Munkhbayar and his friends are victimized (whether it was intentional or not) and every Mongol who loves his country dearly must let his voice heard and protest  the judges' decision in any way they can. Munkhbayar sacrificed his life for the sake of this country,  and for our sake. Why we keep our mouth shut and are mute like a fish? 

p.s. For more information about Munkhbayar and his friends' activities, see:






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