Monday, March 20, 2017

Meet the new "boss" and his crew!

Former communists are back!  Unfortunately. They won the Parliament's election last year  securing 65 seats of 76 in the Parliament. As soon as they got to the power,they began to position their  party-members for the important government jobs based on how much they contributed to the party. An audio record has leaked to the media during the election campaign- a conversation of three  high-ranking members,talking about the scheme how they have planned to raise money and how they would distribute the jobs after the victory. They were: M.Enkhbold, the  Chairman of the Mongolian People's Party (MPP) , now Chairman of the Parliament, (more here ), Ts.Sandui, the head of the Capital city  MPP branch (more here ), now the Chairman of the Citizen's Council of the Capital city,  and  A.Ganbaatar, Ts.Sandui's aide.  They planned to "raise" 90 billion MNT (Mongolian Turgik-official currency of Mongolia) by requiring everybody to donate certain amount of money depending on what job they will get after the election. Literally everybody the party has planned to fill the position, from the senior rank to the head post. That way they put price tags to every leading postion in the government agencies and organisation. In other words, they sold government jobs. MPP members who paid the money are 100 percent sure that they can multiply that amount later on once they get the job, by taking bribes and selling their signatures.

MPP has fired thousands of former government employees after their victory to  hire  their  own people. That means lot of people lost their jobs because of their party affiliation or being not a member of this political party.  The "boss", M.Enkhbold became the Chairman of the Parliament,as mentioned above, but not the Prima Minister as he should be, and Ts.Sandui became the number One person of the Capital city. They chose J.Erdenebat , former Finance Minister (2014-2015), to become the new Prime Minister, but now it has surfaced that he was not free from sin when he  was Finance Minister back then. He signed and made decisions which harmed Mongolia, especially the one concerning the over-expenditure  of 2 billion USD by Oyutolgoi company.

Ironically enough, MPP appointed B.Choijilsuren as the new Finance Minister who is a mechanic by profession. He managed to get elected twice from his countryside district by handing out cash money to the voters in the previous elections. There is even a video on YouTube where he is handing cash to people who gathered together in a meeting hall during his election campaign.

The new Deputy Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh lived in Australia for a long period of time and came back to be awarded  with  this "present". He  didn't  risk to run for MP , maybe he wasn't sure that his party would win, but he got his piece of cake anyway. One time  he punched  a MP from the Democratic Party back then when he was MP once, taking him out to the hallway inside the Parliament building , after an argument  and  knocked him down   with his "iron fist".  It seems  like he loves to boast  of his physical strength. Recently he  posted a video on Facebook showing him  performing a bench press, lifting 200 kg.

The  new Foreign Minister's name is Ts.Munkh-Orgil who should be held responsible for the death of 5 men killed during the after-election-riot in 2008, allegedly by the police shooting. He was then the Minister  for Justice and Home Affairs.  The Prime Minister then was S.Bayar about whom we are going to talk here more. But both S.Bayar and Ts.Munkh-Orgil got away without any punishment.
The new Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Science is Yo.Otgonbayar who was once the head of this Ministry  some years ago.  Rumor says that he used to take bribes for giving  permissions when he was the head of this Ministry himself.  He hired  even some guys to intimidate a man once because he refused to bribe Otgonbayar for a permission. When Otgonbayar  was the Minister, his wife was arrested and questioned for suspicious transactions from many bank accounts which she owned. The number of accounts were significant as well as the number of  transactions  and the amount of money. Soon they let her go and  this case became silent since then. She had many MNT and USD accounts, and since she was not a big businesswoman running a big profitable company or something like that, the sources of her money are very questionable . One would logically suspect that her husband  could be the source of her "wealth".

Just recently the new Ambassador of Mongolia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland  presented his diplomatic credentials to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, as 13th  Mongolian Ambassador.

His name is Bayar Sanjaa. He  served once as Mongolia's  Ambassador to the Russian Federation (2001-2005) and worked as Prime Minister of Mongolia (2007-2009). Born 1956, he is divorced three times and has 6 children from 3 women. For more information, please check here.
When Britain's Queen Elizabeth greeted him, he was attended by his 4th wife, Suvd Erdenebileg. Mongolians detest if one marries a woman of much younger age,  12  or more years younger.
So our "Don Juan" has a "brand new" wife who is the same age as his middle daughter. Just saying.

S.Bayar presents his credentials, accompanied by his new wife Suvd E.
 There is a TV talk show in Mongolia called "Chat without censorship"  and S.Bayar was once asked on this show about allegedly his seven (7) houses (apartments) in the US but he denied that he owns any property in the States. Now it became clear that two of those 7 properties were registered on his new wife's name. Suvd also owns three (3) companies in the US. Remarkable, isn't it? She is born in 1981, so at a age of 36 she's got lots of money! How could she became a dollar-millionaire when nobody knew her? The logical answer  would be: Thanks to her lover, now husband!
Now, we should ask this question , "Where the hell S.Bayar got all that money to buy 7 houses in the US, when his income was not more than 100 thousand dollars per year?  He only can answer this question. Everybody else suspects that he's got the money the wrong way, like many other Mongolian corrupt politicians. Let's get some details.

It is possible that those 3 companies ("Nebo", "Voda", "Gundel") owned by Bayar's new wife and the one ("Dechin") owned by one of Bayar's daughters  are being used  for money laundering because the use of LLC is one of the methods to "clean" the dirty money. And of course buying such properties with cash money is also an another way to "shake off" any  traces.  Even though Suvd E. was registered as "manager", those companies were created by her, so it may be very possible that those companies are owned by this woman. The name "Nebo" means "Sky" and "Voda" means "Water", both in Russian. Since S.Bayar is fluent in Russian and as a  Russian-educated person, he is very fond of Russia and that may have influenced to suggest his new wife to give her companies Russian names.
Thanks to the open public records which one can obtain online , all properties were or are still registered on either his ex-wife's name or his daughters' names. Let's see what houses or apartments we are talking about:

1.  3020 14th Ave W #A, Seattle-Queen Anne, WA 98119

Was registered on Gereltuya Orsoo (Bayar's ex-wife), Nandin Bayar (Bayar's daughter) and Badamkhand Bayar (Bayar's daughter). Bought for $635,000.00  in 2007 and sold for $439,000.00  in 2011. 

2. 16 W. 19th St, Unit 10-B, Flatiron, NY 10011

It was registered on Nandin Bayar's (Bayar's daughter) name. Bought for $895,000.00 and sold for $1,092,500.00 in 2014. It's a luxury studio in a NY condo. As listed, monthly rent is $4950.00

3.  4516 NE 38th Street, Seattle-University District, WA 98105

"Gundel" LLC (manager Suvd Erdenebileg-Bayar's new wife) was registered as the owner. Suvd E. and Shagdardulam   bought for $1,290,000.00  in 2010 and gave it to Gundel LLC as a gift, and Gundel LLC sold it for $1,488,000.00 in 2013.
S.Bayar and  E.Suvd lived at this address from 2010 till  2013.

4. 6539 SW 41st Ave, Seattle, WA 98136

A guy named Ch.Davaanyam bought this house at the above address for $995,000.00 in 2008 and gave it to O.Gereltuya (Bayar's ex-wife) as a gift in 2011. Gereltuya sold it for $655,000.00 in 2012. 

5. 1710 N Dexter Avenue #A, Seattle, WA 98109

Ch.Davaanyam bought it for $409,000.00 in 2009 and gave it to "Voda" LLC as a gift in 2011. Resided in fact by O.Gereltuya (Bayar's ex-wife)  and Hongor Bayar (Bayar's daughter). 

6.  9125 NE 15th St, Clyde Hill, WA 98004

Owned by "Nebo" LLC (manager Suvd E.- Bayar's new wife) which bought it for $3,853,000.00 in 2013. Put it on market to sell  for 4,298,000.00 

7. 34 Greene St Unit 2N, New York, NY 10013

Owned by "Dechin" LLC (manager Nandin Bayar- Bayar's daughter) which bought it for $3,500,00.00 in 2013. 

Some Mongolia's politicians opened offshore accounts abroad and thanks to "John Doe" we know now who they are. Bayar's daughter  Badamkhand Bayar is among those people. The understanding is that offshore accounts can be used as the safe heaven to hide the dirty money and that is why one can be suspect that these accounts could be connected to S.Bayar.

Recently, on March 8th, a Mongolian woman named Ichinkhorloo carried out a protest outside of S.Bayar's new residence- the Embassy of Mongolia in London. She and some others held signs read like "Give back stolen laundered money to Mongolia", "S.Bayar sold own country" etc.
Many think that those companies registered under S.Bayar's daughters' names and the process of buying and selling real states are clear signs that he laundered money he got the wrong way. Some of the money he might have hidden in his offshore accounts under his daughter's name. 
There are many politicians from both parties, MPP and DP,  whose (or whose relatives') names were found  on  the list of those offshore account holders. Thanks to International Consortium of Investigative  Journalists, we know now that 49 Mongolian citizens have a total of 17 billion USD in their offshore accounts, including Bayar's daughter even though her name is listed under United States. Not 17 million, but 17 billion! Holy cow! We didn't know that we have so many "Billionaires"!

The Government of UK probably had not checked the credentials of our new Ambassador properly, who does not deserve to represent our country because of the reasons  I mentioned above. Maybe the Englishman wanted to be just nice and didn't dig much to find out who  this S. Bayar was.
He should not represent Mongolia in any counrty because:

- He was the Prime Minister when 5 men were shot to death by police. He is  responsible  for this murder because the police was a subject to him. I remember watching him on TV news, walking through the burned building of his party (MPP), the very next day after that riot, with an angry face, followed by his subordinates. He didn't care about the 5 dead. He had  offered not a single tear but dared to walk in that burned building to show  how  mad he was.

- He has become awfully rich to buy real states abroad and lived there with his young mistress only to come back to the home country to be awarded with the "Ambassador crown" and sent away to be spoiled with our tax money. He needs to declare first where he got all that money and explain about that offshore account under his daughter's name. 

People suspect that he might have been "compensated" for is effort of pushing  the  famous Oyutolgoi deal  to be signed.
The people of UK , and anyone who respects  human rights and democracy, should know what a man represents Mongolia in the UK now.  

Protestors outside of the Mongolian Embassy in London

 To sum up, that is how it looks like  with the new, or what our communists praise- the "professional" Government. They are in the first year of their 4-year term but what they do now is mostly to defame the former Government, the predecessor, ( Democratic Party-DP)  which lost the last election.
Time will show how they can manage it to run the country. The history in the past 25 years where they had mostly the power in the most of the years shows that they were incapable or were not willing to do it good for the country. The proof is today's mess they created and problems they failed to address or were unable to fix in the past. I don't expect a better picture too, this time, so, if that is what we have to go through, then just be it. Things are learned sometimes the hard way and that is what we are experiencing now. Sadly. We should wake up before we bite the dust!

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