Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Great wall of America

Great wall of China
Humankind soon will get the opportunity to witness an erection of a physical wall, a construction along the border of two neighboring states, namely the USA and Mexico. Thanks to President Trump, Americans are about to get a huge wall which would make them a second country to build  such a wall to keep foreign intruders away.
So, this wall would be the second of that kind and built for the same purpose as the first one,  so called "Great wall of China". The Chinese  wall , a 13 thousand miles (21 thousand km) long construction, was built along then northern border of Chinese territories to mark the border and protect the country from foreign invaders, precisely from its northern neighbors - the Mongols.

All territories south of that wall belonged to Chinese people and all territories north of that wall belonged to the Mongols. There was even a signed agreement between those two parties.   
On today's map you will find  that wall   deep inside the country (China) hence it is no more a border line. This is because some territories outside of then Chinese lands (outside of that wall) were incorporated into China. Precisely, the southern part of then Mongolia's territory,  so called Inner Mongolia , became a part of China due to Mongolia's weakness and a conspiracy by Russia and China.  And that change  dismissed the "Great wall of China" as the border guard.

The "Great wall of China" was being built over a long period of time, marking the northern border of China, meant to be a protection  from foreign invaders' attacks and occupation. Those foreign invaders would be the Chinese northern neighbors - Mongolians and Manchus. Mongolian kingdoms and later the Mongol empire, and   Manchus nevertheless  crossed that wall at different times and occupied Chinese territories. The "Great wall  of China" was not much of help to keep out foreign invaders.
Today, this wall draws  tourists' attention  and became a  source of  large  income for  that country.   The Chinese should be "thankful"  to Mongolians for making them to build such a big wall which has become a historical site and an attraction for visitors. So Mongolia is the only country, at least for now, that made its neighbor (China) to build  wall and pay for it.

Likely "Great wall of America"
American President Trump said that he is going to build a border wall (a physical barrier) and make Mexico pay for it. That wall, let's name it as "The Great wall of America", should protect America from foreign people  crossing  the border illegally to enter the country. But there is a difference between "The Great wall of China" and "The Great wall of America". Well, the Chinese built their wall and paid out of their own pocket, but Mr.Trump said "We will build the wall and Mexicans are gonna pay for it".  Chinese didn't say anything like that and it's kinda interesting  how and why Mexico should cover the cost.

The "Great wall of America" will be at least 1600 km long. Compared  to the "Great wall of China" (21000 km) , it is "nothing". Mr.Trump asked for $1.4 billion to start his wall in 2017 and next year he would need additional $2.6 billion. He estimates that the wall can be built for $8-12 billion in total. Independent estimates range from $27 billion to $40 billion. Anyways, the question is  how Mexico can be forced to pay that much money. But Americans are sure that Mr.President has plans and they trust him. That is why they voted for him. You can do it, America!

If the President would take  an example from the Chinese and could  turn the "Great Wall of America" into an attraction site for tourists, it may generate a steady income which could cover the cost in the long run.  But in order to do it, a part of Mexico's territory along that wall must be acquired somehow, so that the wall can be  "shifted"  deep inside the country. Something similar how the Chinese  acquired Inner Mongolia (aka  Southern Mongolia) from Mongolia. But this would be a hard task since the political map of the world is drawn some time ago and it has changed very little.
Secondly, it needs to be a fancy, good looking construction, with guard towers and canons, and wide enough on top so that people can walk back and forth enjoying the scene.

So, America has a chance to become the second country to build a border wall along its border with the neighboring country , and   let them  pay for it. We are about to witness a historical event and we should consider ourselves as lucky to be present at this time when the wall is being built.
Even if the wall cannot be used as tourist site, Americans should be proud of their President who is about to make  America famous again.

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