Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mongolia sends a spy to South Korea

Khurts Bat
South Korea is about to receive the top spy of Mongolia as the Mongolian Ambassador to that country. The new Ambassador's name is Khurts Bat. He is lawyer and economist by profession. Born in 1969, he was the Head of the Mongolian General  Intelligence Agency (GIA) since November 2014. In the past, he worked as the first secretary in Mongolian Embassies in Turkey and Hungary and also chaired department and a unit within the GIA. He was also the Head of the Executive Office of the Mongolian National Security Council (MNSC) and the Deputy Commissioner General of the Independent Authority Against Corruption (IAAC) of Mongolia.


There was a lot of discussions and debates about his nomination. However,  the Parliament decided his fate behind  closed doors. Ironically, there was an open public hearing going on at the same time inside the Parliament's building when our MPs hurrying up to confirm his nomination next door.
The participants at this hearing have brought up many cases with Khurts Bat's involvements.  The initiator of this public hearing, MP Batzandan Jalbuu, is  one of many who says that Mr.Bat should not represent Mongolia in South Korea or any other country in that matter.  

Mr.Bat was accused of misusing his power and office to take revenge or persecute , or do favor to others by victimizing certain persons in the past. One example is that he punished a high ranking tax official (a Head of an Agency of General Department of Taxation named D.Enkhbat) because his wife's company was punished with heavy penalty for tax evasion. Mr.Bat had to pay also penalty because he failed to pay his income tax. D.Enkhbat claims that he was victimized for this reason. He was given 8 years prison sentence for some made-up offenses. Mr.Bat was not in Mongolia when his wife was penalized for tax evasions. At that time he was in prison in  Germany but   he took personal revenge on Mr.Enkhbat many years later. As the head of IAAC of Mongolia he misused his position to retaliate.  

The reason why he was in a German prison made some headlines in western media back then. He was in charge of a small team which carried out the abduction of Mr.Damiran , then a Mongolian citizen living in France. In May 2003, Damiran  was lured into a meeting with a woman he knew and then forcefully arrested and taken away in a car across France, through Belgium all the way to Germany. He was held in the basement of Mongolian Embassy in Berlin until he boarded the plane headed to Mongolia.  He was heavily drugged, put on  a wheelchair and with help of a fake diplomat passport under his name he could board the plane. Recently Mr.Bat mentioned that Mr.Damiran  was put on a plane with a help of German officials when he was questioned about that Damiran's case  on a TV talk show called "Censorless talk."  With that claim he seems to have an intention to make others believe that Damiran  was brought home with the help from his German counterparts. For more details, check this link:


But he lied because it was Germany which wanted him arrested for abduction. He was arrested at the  UK  airport in 2010 (7 years later since the kidnapping) when he arrived there on an alleged official business, as the Head of the MNSC.
The German prosecutors had issued a warranty for his kidnapping case in 2003 , and that is why he was arrested by British officials. The next year  Mr.Bat was extradited to Germany from where he was released later on before a state visit of German Chancellor Merkel to Mongolia.

Mr.Bat may have carried out an order from the Mongolian Government back then by abducting Mr.Damiran from France, so the Mongolian Government should be held responsible for victimizing Mr.Damiran who was tortured and later died. But it seems that Mr.Bat is not fit to be an Ambassador because of the  things he has done while  he worked as  Deputy Commissioner General of the IAAC.
At his nomination  hearing he scared everybody (MPs) by asking whether or not he should talk about certain MP's "secrets". It seems like he knows lots of things which MPs want to keep it secret from the public, and that was the reason how he quickly, and behind doors approved to be sent away to South Korea. For our MPs it's better that he stays away from Mongolia and the public.

So far the Mongolian President has not given him his approval yet , but South Korean side should know by now everything what was going on around Mr.Bat's nomination. As the host country, South Korea reserves  the right to refuse to accept him as a foreign Ambassador.  Especially somebody who has a bad reputation at home and abroad. An Ambassador should be a person who can represent his or her home country and the people.

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