Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tough Mongols

We Mongols are born to be tough. And very talented. I mean it. We can adapt to various conditions or situations very fast and without any complications. Our IQ is very high and our body is tough. 
This time I will produce 2 stories related to our physical strength and toughness. Next time we will talk about our smart brain.

The various Mongolian tribes roamed once upon a time in Asia and when they were united, the world was in trouble. Back at times when the sheer physical strength was the main factor in deciding of conflicts and wars, the Mongols used their advantage to reach the goal to rule the then-known world. A weak and dumb people wouldn't be able to conquer the half of the world, would they? Put aside the question whether it was right or humane what they did, or not, and try to understand my point. Besides, the world has not seen any humane occupier, yet. I think there will not be any.

Story 1.

American Marines are famous for their physical strength and readiness. A special program for the physical training of soldiers in the US Marine Corps is called the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. 

Mongolian soldiers in Afghanistan

However, Mongolian soldiers were much stronger and tougher than American Marines. The servicemen of the Mongolian Peacekeeping Contingent in Afganistan were the strongest ones in 2016. Note that at that time along with the Mongols and Americans, more than 2000 soldiers from more than 20 countries were serving there.

Mongol soldiers in Afghanistan

In 2016, an annual march competition was held in Afghanistan among the army units of these nations. In this tournament where physical toughness is tested,  teams each of which consisted of only two soldiers compete.
The tasks were to determine the physical fitness of the soldiers.
First, they must run 5 km (3.1miles), then pull up on the bar 60 times, immediately do 230 push-ups. Then, run again 5 km carrying 16 kg (35 lbs) load, following 60 pull-ups and 230 push-ups, and run again another 5 km to the finish.

According to the participants, the most important thing for success is speed and endurance. Nine Mongolian teams participated in that annual march competition and at the end, they occupied almost all places from the 1st to the 9th. Only one team represented the US Marine Corps took the 8th place. Participants from other countries did not even finish. 
One of the US Marines tweeted later, "Mongols! You did it! Amazing!" 

Story 2. 

The prestigious march competition (International military tactical games of Moenchengladbach) took place this year in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany). It is an annual competition held since 1983.
34 teams from the US, UK, France, Holland, Estonia, Poland and Mongolia took part this time. 

The teams had to run a distance of 14 km (8.7 miles), practiced shooting, overcame physical and water obstacles, patrolled, passed mine strips, ambushed, extinguished a fire and provided medical help to the wounded. In addition, the teams each with 4 people were to answer questions about the military-political security of the world. 

Mongol officers in Germany

Mongolian servicemen have proved again that they are physically fit and intellectually developed. The Mongolian team reached the finish in its entirety, taking the 1 st place and the cup in the category of the International military contingent. 

p.s. These two stories were reported by Maidar  Sosorbaram and posted on www.asiarussia.ru.

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