Thursday, May 23, 2013

Madame Eegii

(posted initially on 12/6/12)
"Ancient" pirates were represented by only male personas with an exception of a very few females who would dress like a man and pretend to be a man. It was forbidden to have a female on board.
"Modern" piracy has no sex "discrimination". One famous example is "Madam Wong" whom the police in Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines , Macau, Taiwan, and Thailand  are chasing after for centuries.  But "the Queen of the pirates" of the seas of South East Asia was never caught, and until today "Madame Wong's" treasures are being searched for everywhere.
Mongolia has requested Interpol to hunt down an  "offshore pirate" named "Madame Eegii", a Mongolian citizen.  Her full name is Enkhtuya Nambar and she is a sister of our ex-president Enkhbayar Nambar who is convicted  for misusing his position and corruption and sentenced to  4 -year jail term. He is the "Godfather of corruption" in Mongolia. "Madame Eegii" as his younger sister was his closest ally and partner. She is disappeared after her brother started  having "problems" because of his sins committed  in his "good, old times". It seems true when people say that Enkhbayar's conviction was nothing compared to his real crimes.

What are we talking about?  Three luxurious and fancy houses in America, elegant and expensive dwellings  in Moscow, London and Beijing, the vacation center next to the Baikal sea, registered under his mother's name, mineral water resorts under his father's name, 200 million USD investment in a skyscraper in the capital city among other billion's of Tugrik (Mongolian currency)  savings, including $1.5 billion saving, and money laundering cases in Singaporean and Hong Kong banks  rumored in foreign medias recently, etc.
All these  are worth of billions of dollars and how  a president can possible earn all this during his terms?
Yes , he was a Prime minister and Speaker too, but this amount of treasures  is simply not possible to collect by this one man with his salary. So there must be something else except his salary.  Salary plus what? Money laundering, stealing, bribes! Now we are talking!
But who is owning and "moving" all this around? Not Enkhbayar. He is in jail, right? (Well, actually in a hospital) You guessed it! It is nobody but his lovely sister, our modern  day "pirate"- "Madame Eegii".
Last time  she was in charge of all businesses connected directly and related to an agency called "Mongolia Ship Registry Pte LTD.", based in Singapore.
So she was not called for no reason as "Madame Eegii" and  "honored" as "pirate" because she was the "boss" of all ships flying the state flag of Mongolia, wasn't  she? She lived in Singapore for so many years "taking care" of all money going in and out, and of course "washing" the money her brother has sent her.  Why would she go "underground" if she is clean? And remember, she vanished as soon as her brother (our dear ex-President Enkhbayar) got in trouble, without any trace.
The Mongolia Ship Registry (MSR) is, according to the statement on its website, the exclusive authority, appointed by the Mongolian government and based in Singapore, to process applications for ships registering under the Mongolia flag. MSR is fully authorized to issue all the necessary documents and certificates, and administer the registration system on behalf of the Mongolian Government.  Based in Singapore, where financial and legal services are readily available, the MSR is well positioned to take on the challenge of providing efficient and quality services to ship owners who choose to have their vessels  fly the Mongolian flag. 

If we (or the famous INTERPOL to be exact) catch her, then it will be like we hit a huge gold mine. But it's been a while since we asked Interpol for  help and it's kinda  impressive how can she hide herself so well until  now, even from Interpol. The Interpol had no problem to find out that 27 international terrorists were hiding in Mongolia, and  supplied  Mongolian police with their pictures and information. 7 of them must be from Japan and the remaining people are from Palestine, they say. But our "Madama Eegii" seems like to  be more clever than those 27 men. If she gets  caught, her brother will fall in much deeper hole from where he is not gonna make it alive and that is why it's important not to be caught. She is maybe considering a "harakiri" in case the Interpol succeeds.

Speaking of Interpol, we requested also to find a man, former city official, named Biligt who managed to escape to US fearing of his possible conviction in corruption and bribery. He is still at  large amusing himself by messing around  with Interpol. Maybe he is working for Walmart, strip-waxing the floor.
There is a guy, a whippersnapper, named  E. Erdenejamyan who became a newly  Deputy Minister of Justice Ministry, and he sent a letter asking the Interpol to stop searching for both "Madame Eegii" and  Biligt. That was an act way out of his "jurisdiction"! But he justified his dumb act as an example of free speech! What an idiot! You wonder why? Because he is  a member of the Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party (MPRP) which sprang from current Mongolian People's Party (MPP). MPRP was a "brand" name for our communists for a long time during the one-party rule.
MPP claimed the "brand" name of MPRP as it own, and didn't want  the "party deserters" to use this name, but the newly "drop-outs" were  allowed to use this  "brand" name anyway for their new party, by court's decision.

Meanwhile, Enkhbayar is considering a hunger strike, again to protest his sentence (his sentence is being reviewed by High Court) and to force his liberation. And his party members have started acting seriously. The cabinet members in the coalition government  from this party were ordered to resign from their positions. A female MP from this party (MPRP) has announced that she will start a hunger strike to demand that Enkhbayar be released immediately. MPRP is in the move.

No wonder because this party is one-man's party! It is Enkhbayar's party. He owns it. He is the head of this party and they intend to  do anything  to free their chief and to make him "innocent".
Only then our "Madam Eegii" can come back home from her "voluntary-exile" without any fear to be punished. But that is very unlikely though. Sorry, "Madame Eegii"!

Bad girl, bad girl, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, when we come for you!? 

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