Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Swan, the Pike and the Crab

Ivan Krylov (1768-1844) was  Russia's famous writer specialized in writing fables.  Below is one of his well-known stories.

The Swan, the Pike, and the Crab

Whenever companions don't agree,
They work without accord
And naught but trouble doth result,
Although they all work hard.

One day a swan, a pike, a crab,
Resolved a load to haul;
All three were harnessed to the cart,
And pulled together all.

But though they pulled with all their might,
The cart-load on the bank stuck tight.

The swan pulled upward to the skies
The crab did backward crawl,
The pike made  for the water straight
It proved no use at all!

Now, which of them was most to blame
This not for me to say,
But this I know: the load is there
Unto this very day.

Is Mongolia stuck?
This is the exact current situation in Mongolia. We have the swan, the crab and the pike. Mongolia being the Cart, is pulled to different directions by Democratic Party (DP-the Swan), Mongolian People's Party (MPP- the Crab) and Mongolian People Revolutionary Party (MPRP- the Pike).
The Swan is trying to pull  ahead the Cart to take it to the next station, but the Crab is pulling back cause it's jealous and against Swan's  getting all the credit, while the Pike pulls it down, ready to pull the rug from under any time.

The Swan cannot do it by herself  without the Pike but with their  King  behind bars, the Pike is very reluctant in moving the same direction, despite the mutual  agreement. The Crab has nominated meanwhile the candidate for the coming President's election, a famous wrestler, in the hope to stall the progress  more if elected.

The Cart has been on the bank for too long, but nobody except the Swan does not interested  really in moving it forward. How long we should bear this hardship? Is nobody interested  in moving  ahead? If yes, then do let your voice hear, for God's sake!

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