Friday, May 17, 2013

Second spy after Nyamdorj Ts. ?

Another spy caught?  The former Mongolian Ambassador to Kuwait, K.Sairaan, is being now investigated by the General Intelligence Agency of Mongolia since he returned home from Germany where he had a surgery. He is an ethnic  Kazakh  , a well-known  person from the Kazakh minority living in western Mongolia. He used to be a member of the Democratic Party (DP), but he left it and got more sympathetic with Mongolian People's Party (MPP-former communist party) which supposedly granted him the "Ambassador seat" in Kuwait  for his switch of party affiliation. Then Prime minister and MPP chief S.Bayar must have honored him for his choice with this position as Ambassador. Now he is in trouble.

According to the information posted on a Russian website by Deputy  Secret Service  Chief of Kazakhstan, Mr. Tastanbekov E., the Mongolian Ambassador Sairaan K. was one of the four spies of Kazakhstan working in Kuwait.  Under a code name "Altai", he must have  worked for Kazakhstan's Secret Service and delivered highly secret information related to Mongolia-Kuwait relationships. He even allegedly joined the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan  although he was a Mongolian citizen. How is that possible?

Nyamdorj Ts.
Back in 1992, a couple of years after the peaceful democratic revolution, then-Deputy Minister of Justice Ts.Nyamdorj (currently an  MP), a quarrelsome figure from the MPP,  became  the "media superstar" for his cooperation with the Chinese Secret Service. Mongolian Secret Service agents had collected  enough documents to prove that he was "invited" twice to Beijing, China, and  supplied the Chinese agents with all the information they needed and in return received money and gifts. But he managed to escape any charges using his position and his Party which was then the ruling authority. Important evidences in his case were altered or destroyed  and all the powers (government, judiciary) were on his side, and that explains how he got away with his crime.

Now K.Sairaan has to explain his story. This would be the second case where a high-ranking government official got involved in espionage crime after Nyamdorj. The difference is that the ruling authority  today is less corrupt than when MPP was the ruler. So Sairaan should receive the right punishment if convicted.
This case shows again that our Secret Service should keep an eye on those  officials representing the country abroad because people like Ts.Nyamdorj and K.Sairaan can cause  great harm to Mongolia  and to the relationship of the affected countries as well.   


  1. What has happened to the principle of "innocent until proven guilty"?

  2. I said, "...if convicted". Besides, rumor has always something. Was he really a spy? That was a question and not a statement saying he IS guilty. We shall see.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    1. No problems. I enjoy your blog. Your writings are generally sensible and a good insight into Mongolia.
      But in this instance I still beleive you have gone to a bit wrong. While the general information is interesting and reflecting current events in Mongolia, your last paragraph talks about "people like Nyamdorj and Sairaan" causing damage to Mongolia as if they were convicted. Neither have even been charged with anything yet.
      Your reply above that there is always something in a rumour is quite wrong. People make up facts, and draw wrong conclusions and gossip in public for all sorts of damaging reasons. Maybe this time, maybe not. But courts should decide.
      You owe it to your loyal readers to report the facts, not gossip as facts. Of course you can have an opinion, and your thoughts are valuable. But they should be stated as your opinions.
      Keep up the good work.