Monday, May 8, 2017

Has MPP seized power illegally?

182000 is the total number of people who work for the Government. It is a big number if you consider how much  the Mongolian population is and how many are capable to work.  Our manpower is very small because  we have a tiny population of only 3 million people. Yet the Government workforce is huge compared to the size of the population. Corruption and bribery have led to this and it's like every young person desires to become  Government employee because he/she sees it as an easy way to get wealthy, without working his/her ass off. So that is how did it came to this number mentioned above.

Recently, before the 2016 Parliament's election, an audio record has surfaced. It was a conversation between 3 main figures of the Mongolian People's Party (MPP- former communist party), namely M.Enkhbold, Chairman of MPP, then Member of the Parliament,  Ts.Sandui, Chairman of Capital city MPP-branch, and A.Ganbaatar, an aide. It's like Ts.Sandui and A.Ganbaatar are reporting to the "Boss" (M.Enkhbold) about how they have planned to raise 60 Billion Tugrik by "selling" Government positions, mostly positions at senior level as they explained. In case the party wins the election, all positions are to be filled with own people who should raise certain amount of  money depending on to what position that person will be assigned.

They won the election and started working by plan they drew up. Government employees are being laid off in mass since MPP  took office. Some agencies lost half of their staff because the new Minister of that agency wanted so.
The party Chairman, M.Enkhbold, becomes Speaker of the Parliament, and Ts.Sandui is now Chairman of the Capital city Council. Now the Speaker wants to become the President of Mongolia.
President's election is due in June this year. MPP "chose" the Speaker as their candidate for this election.

Now, the opposition has protested and took the case to an anti-corruption agency called Independent Authority  Against Corruption (IAAC) but this agency has decided that this audio record was a made-up thing (montage or fabrication). So they  refused to open a criminal case and dismissed the complaint.  The Procurator has also dismissed the case.
Ironically, after the  audio record went public, Ts.Sandui spoke and admitted that this kind of conversation did happen some time ago. Nevertheless, law enforcement bodies decided to settle  this issue  in favor of the winning party. Two persons were even arrested and charged for making this fabrication. 

Let's hear what that conversation was about. Following is the translation of the  conversation in that audio record.

- Now, Sandui, explain what is all about

- We have a financing plan. As Ganbaatar said, we want to estimate the profit in the future. We made a survey (study) on all workforce in all agencies, ministries, legislative and government bodies, and the ones at local levels   as well. But we should keep it secret  who is going to fill that particular position and how much it would cost. So we say, if you takes this job you need to find 5 person under your supervision, we will give you a secret task  to raise together a  certain amount of money. All these assignments  shall  be kept separate.

- Does it cover the city too?

- Yes. They are also included in this scheme. This can be broken down easily. We have 3 tiers of financing (1,2,3) . First tier is about the party member fees. For the government agencies we consider only positions of head of department,  clerks at senior level, supervisor authorized to spend money, and deputy chair, and value those positions. We place  own people in these positions in advance because we  change all of them anyway.
We are planning  to raise 60 billion Tugrik alone in the capital city.

- For example, the law department has the head, bureau chief, and a senior clerk. We will only get in touch with these people and say how much they should raise.

- There is a word going around like people asking I gave certain amount of money in 2012 election but where did it go? I brought the bag with the money to the party headquarters and handed  it to a particular person to take it inside.

- In that regard, NAMZH (a Youth federation of MPP) is the worst.


1. Those people selling Government jobs (positions) , classifying and setting a price  for those jobs. 
2. The money amount MPP used  for their election  campaign is in excess of the amount  allowed by Election law and  Genaral  Election Commitee by 15 times.
3. Selling Government positions is a  bribery crime and an attempt to seize the power illegally.

The end.

p.s:  Here is the video


Remember, M.Enkhbold is running for the President's office.  So, God forbid, we are going to have a "Government-job-dealer"  as our next President if  MPP  wins. Hope not.

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