Monday, June 12, 2017

Presidential candidate M.Enkhbold may face prison term

M.Enkhbold (current Speaker, presidential  Candidate)
Now hear this, people! The leaked audio recording  of a conversation  between MPP (Mongolian People's Party- former communist party)  Chairman  M.Enkhbold, head of MPP city branch Ts.Sandui and A.Ganbaatar, a council, is now available in full length!  In my previous post I talked about this conversation based on a part of this audio which was leaked  first before the 2016 Parliament's election. The topic was about how to raise money for 2016 campaign.
Every position higher than of senior clerk at Government agencies or ministries was labeled  with a price tag.  The top job costs (soft chair of a minister) 1 billion Tugrik (1 USD = 2370.00 MNT-Mongolian Tugrik , as of today) and the lowest one (of a Senior clerk) was valued at 10 Million Tugrik.
Every MPP aspirant should gather certain  amount of money written on the price tag which is attached to the job  he/she intends to take  after the election victory.  In the (capital) city alone they planned to amass 60 billion MNT.

Now, the MPP has won the 2016 Parliament's election and nominated their Chairman as the candidate in the 2017 President's election.  That same guy who is recorded in that audio discussing a  plan about how to win the election with his subordinates. The recently leaked  audio recording  in its full length of 1.5 hours duration reveals other issues which are more troublesome. Except the 60 billion MNT topic, they discussed about possibility of hacking the voting machines, hiring foreign IT company, a German company as stated, to control  the online  exchange  traffic of Mongolian social media users. In other words, Germans must have indicated their willingness to block any negative ads and posts and prevent them to spread online without deleting them. In other words, if I post a negative comment or criticize MPP, on Facebook or any other canals of social media, it would be not visible for other users but me. I can see it on my page but it won't be distributed or shared with others.
They talked about own IT guys who are ready to hack the election if only the Party assures and guarantees their safety and protects them.

Remind you that this conversation (meeting) took place  a year or two before 2016 Parliament's election. It is highly possible that they executed their "Barbarossa" plan in the Parliament's election and therefore could  achieve  a landslide victory. Since their  plan is now disclosed, one can only guess what their next step would be. At the moment all of the participants in this conversation denies its genuineness, calling it  a fabrication. 
It was mentioned also at that meeting that they consider an idea of  opening an offshore account for the money which they can get from any foreign company which is willing to offer it in exchange for a mineral deposit like Tavan Tolgoi, a famous and huge coal deposit in the south of Mongolia.  But then they stopped short, saying to their boss that they would discuss it later. This is also very serious statement. We can only guess what they have in mind. They talked about money laundering.

All that what we heard during that conversation indicates that this party (MPP) may have used every dirty tricks and ways to prevail.  Winning 65 seats of total 76 in the Parliament is an unusual outcome which surprised a lot. Especially after the 4 years of  Democratic Party (DP)- rule (2012-2016) , with all those productive things  Democrats managed to accomplish, it was a shocking result. A foul play is highly possible. And this 90 minute audio recording is the proof. 

If the law enforcement , regulatory and other state authorities  can act according to the existing laws  despite the fact who is now in power, those individuals  involved in that conversation must get  a  prison sentence. Mongolian Constitution prohibits illegal seizure of power and an attempt to seize it illegally. And the Article 82 (Plot with a view to seize the state power)   of  the Criminal Code of Mongolia states  that a plot with a view to illegally seize the state power shall be punishable  by imprisonment for a term of 15 to 20 years. We  shall see.

The Presidential election campaign is in full swing. MPP candidate M.Enkhbold (current Speaker of the Parliament) is acting as if nothing happened and keeps denying any wrongdoing.  He said he had no such conversation with anybody. But there is a way to determine whether it was one's genuine voice or not. Forensic experts are becoming more and more capable of  identifying  one's voice, using special technology and machine. So we better should ask foreign (as neutral body) professionals  to help us out with this problem. If we don't clear that thing right now, it will cause very bad consequences in the future.  In that case, would any election make any sense?

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